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Tips for Amplifying your Local PR Efforts

What if you could enhance your professional reputation while also increasing your business credibility? Maybe even get the word out about what services you offer? By strategically focusing on public relations (PR), mortgage professionals have the potential to forge connections within their communities, receive positive attention from local media, and maybe even generate some new business.   Even if you haven’t dabbled in public relations before, creating a PR strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming for interested mortgage professionals. As a starting point, we’ve outlined some quick tips for amplifying your local PR efforts below.  

Make some quick introductions

First and foremost, it’s important to understand your local media landscape and the topics individual reporters cover. As a mortgage professional, you’ll want to look for reporters that cover housing, finance, business, and local news. As you’re vetting different reporters and publications in your area, feel free to send over an introductory pitch to build rapport and keep them looped into timely news that they might be interested in reporting on.  

Create your own content

You are the best ambassador for your personal brand! To help establish yourself as an industry expert, make sure you’re leveraging your owned media (like your website, social media profiles, blog, and email marketing) to the fullest extent. If you don’t already have a blog, now is the perfect time to create one and get posting. Posting relevant, engaging content is an excellent way to get in front of customers you’re trying to reach and gives you fresh content to share on your other platforms.  

Get involved locally

While it might not be the trendiest tactic, getting involved within your community is a tried-and-true way to build brand awareness. Research local networking opportunities, join your local Chamber of Commerce, host an informative workshop, or even sponsor local events that typically attract your targeted customer.  

Stay current on the latest news

As the housing market continues to dominate news headlines, now is the perfect time to position yourself as a thought leader and home loan professional. Try monitoring your local publications for any relevant breaking news or industry trends that impact your business and customers. If you think you can add true value, try reaching out to the media to offer your thoughts on the topic for potential inclusion in later stories.  

Focus on social media

Meet and interact with your customers where they are – on social media. Stay active on your professional social media profiles and share content that proves brand credibility such as a customer review, a feature in a recent news story, or a borrower success story.   Looking for more tips and tricks to elevate your mortgage business? Every week, the wemlo weekly newsletter provides industry news and advice just like this. Stay in the loop by signing up and getting this kind of information delivered directly to your inbox each week!