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Quick Tips and Tricks For Sharing Your Personal Brand

While you may know your professional brand like the back of your hand, how much thought have you given to your personal one? Of course, your company branding brings a wide range of recognition, authority, and reliability to your reputation. But, a well-developed personal brand can provide more specific connection points for your current and potential clients. With both combined, you can communicate your dependability AND your personality.  

Business professionals, MLOs included, are constantly sending messages about who they are and what they stand for, purposefully or not. Tapping into that reality, and tweaking your presence to authentically communicate you, can set you apart, ensure you’re coming across correctly, and maybe even attract new clients.  

So, if you’re ready to create or fine-tune your personal brand and take your business to the next level, here’s how to get started:  

Determine Guiding Principles

To start, you’ll want to determine what exactly your personal brand is about. Brainstorm some words that summarize your approach. These can be your current core values, thoughts, and feelings you want customers to walk away with, or simply important characteristics you hold as a person.  

For example, is your personal brand casual and accessible? Or, is it high-end and exclusive? While there are no wrong answers, these words and phrases couldn’t be more different. Clarifying the tone of your brand will help shape and guide your strategy moving forward, regardless of which words you relate to.  

To start workshopping, consider why you became an MLO, what kind of solution your clients are looking for, or even the general approach you take when it comes to business. After all, your personal brand is just that: personal.  

Find Your Unique Value Proposition

Once you’ve determined the tone and feel of your personal brand, you may need to consider differentiation. There are hundreds of thousands of MLOs across the nation, and many offer very similar perks, services, and deals. You need to determine what makes you unique.  

For some MLOs, this might be their lengthy history in the industry, impressive credentials, or expansive network. For others, it might be the fact that they were recently first-time homebuyers themselves or the unique hobby they engage in each weekend. You know what they say about birds of a feather.  

Either way, you want to ensure that clients have a reason to work with you, specifically.  You can accomplish this by finding your own niche within your company brand.  

Don’t Forget Visual Elements

Human beings are inherently visual, and your clients are no exception. That’s why the colors, fonts, and even imagery you choose can communicate so much about your personal brand - perhaps even more than words.  

For a more accessible personal brand, consider:

  • Sans Serif fonts, like Helvetica, which come across as modern and inventive.

  • Fun, energizing colors, like yellow or orange.

  • Casual and accessible imagery, like behind-the-scenes photos or candid videos.

For a more upscale personal brand, consider:

  • Serif fonts, like Times New Roman, which come across as authoritative and professional.

  • Calm, reliable colors, like dark green or navy.

  • Elegant imagery, like professional headshots and branded infographics.

If you want to go above and beyond, a freelance graphic designer could help create social media assets, letterhead, and more that fit into your personal brand. Just be sure that your personal brand colors, fonts, and imagery jive with your company’s brand standards.  

Start Producing Content

With all of the groundwork in place, it’s time to start creating content that adheres to your personal brand. Your personal LinkedIn page may be a good place to start, as you’re likely already used to sharing a combination of personal and professional updates there.   As you experiment, make a point to:

  • Add value. Regardless of your brand, seek to help others with each post and update.

  • Prioritize connection. From industry thought leaders to potential clients, don’t forget that the whole point is to share and connect with others.

  • Be vulnerable. Your personal brand is fundamentally different from your professional one. Remind contacts and potential clients that you are human!

  • Be yourself. Make a conscious effort to check in with yourself at regular intervals. You don’t want to lose the intricacies that make you, you.

And it’s not just about social media. Don’t forget printed materials, either! Business cards, brochures, and flyers can also champion your personal brand.  

Keep Up the Good Work

Track and analyze content performance, adjust as needed, and remember to consistently prioritize your personal brand! Consistency is key in developing authority, strengthening the brand, and becoming a memorable voice in the industry. Balance what works with trying new things, and work to continually improve.

Creating a Brand Strategy for MLOs

Your brand strategy should be as unique as you are. Take some time to reflect on your identity as a professional, determine what sets you apart, and create content to communicate accordingly. At the end of the day, you’ll likely feel more aligned in your marketing and communications tactics, and the potential new clients won’t hurt, either!  

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