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Tips for Organizing Your Data

In any customer-facing business, a strategic focus on customer relationship management (CRM) is critical for long-term success. In today’s tech-dominated world, it’s no secret that MLOs (like many other professionals) rely heavily on technology to help manage these client relationships and create customers for life.  

One of the most powerful technology tools in any MLOs’ back pocket is a CRM system. But, unfortunately, a MLO’s success with CRM largely depends on how refined their CRM database is. That’s why wemlo℠ compiled their top tips for spring cleaning your CRM database to ensure you’re set and ready to go during the hectic summer months.  

Why “Clean” CRM Data Matters

Whether it’s difficulty managing new leads, nurturing existing client relationships, or letting potential clients slip through the cracks, inaccurate or incomplete data can really hurt your CRM marketing efforts.  

How To Clean Up Your CRM Data

  • Audit Existing Data – As a starting point, identifying issues or potential areas of improvement will help determine how much spring cleaning your CRM database needs.

  • Eliminate Duplicates – If you’ve used multiple CRM platforms and have had to merge databases at some point in the past, there may be quite a few repeats. Go through the data with a fine-tooth comb and remove any duplicates.

  • Fill in the Gaps – Incomplete data is potentially just as harmful as inaccurate data. Whether it is old info that needs updating or partially filled out contact info, collecting all critical data is an essential component of a comprehensive CRM strategy.

  • Follow Standardized Practices – When inputting future data, a consistent and standard data-entry process is key to avoid improperly formatted contact info.

Keeping CRM Data in Tip-Top Shape

Maintaining a rejuvenated CRM database is going to be an ongoing effort that requires attention throughout the year. Whether it is on a bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly cadence, carving out a dedicated time to clean up is a surefire way to make sure your CRM spring cleaning efforts aren’t in vain.  

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your CRM database tidy all year long. If you’re on the hunt for a platform where you can organize all your deals and fill in their gaps all in the same place, schedule your 1:1 call with wemlo today.  

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