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A positive customer experience can strengthen your brand, invite repeat business, and potentially grow revenue . Luckily, in the 21st century, there are now plenty of gadgets and gizmos to help you provide unparalleled service. From high-tech lightbulbs to user-friendly tablets, here are our top 5 tech tools to consider investing in.  

Device chargers

In today’s highly connected world, fully-charged devices are nothing short of essential. After all, what do you do if a client’s phone or laptop, perhaps containing their financial information or a long list of questions for you, is low on battery or outright dead as a meeting begins? Or, what if their device dies before they can navigate to their post-meeting destination? These and other low-power situations can unfortunately tarnish the customer’s experience through no real fault of your own.  

Instead of letting these fickle devices get you down, gather charging cables for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more to set yourself apart while simultaneously improving the client experience. You could also consider implementing a dedicated charging station or locker system, the likes of which have been shown to keep customers onsite longer, encourage higher purchases, and increase courtesy factor. For bonus points, pick up a high-speed charger or two, which can restore your clients’ full battery status in record time.  

Smart mugs or mug warmers

Offering clients a bottle of water or a warm beverage as they enter the office can convey respect and consideration. You can even take the gesture a step further with a high-tech mug or mug warmer.  

Home financing conversations can be long and meandering, and there are few things worse than sticking clients with a cooled down cup of coffee. Contemporary temperature-controlled mugs can keep beverages at the client’s preferred temperature no matter how long the meeting runs. If your office favors single-use cups, or if clients often bring their own beverages, consider a mug warmer instead. These miniature hot plates are roughly the same size and shape as a coaster and can provide a similarly elevated customer experience.  

Smart bulbs

Did you know that fluorescent bulbs can cause migraines, eye strain, and other frustrating reactions? Unfortunately, many commercial spaces across the country still utilize this poor method of lighting. If your office space is one of them, you might be unknowingly impacting your clients in a viscerally negative way.  

To step up your game, consider investing in some smart lightbulbs. These sophisticated bulbs connect to your phone and allow users to change their color, hue, and brightness. In other words, you could customize the ambiance and experience depending on your needs or the client’s preferences with just the click of a button. Study up on the effects of different light settings (for example, soft white light evokes a warm and cozy feeling while bright white denotes energy) and calibrate the office lighting accordingly.  


Gone are the days of paper surveys and Rolodexes! If you gather customer information or utilize an online checkout system at any point in the process, tablets can provide an unparalleled customer experience.  

These devices can save space, increase checkout speed, and seamlessly gather data. Plus, they’re cordless and convenient, and the larger screen size maximizes readability and ease-of-use. As an added benefit, tablets are often far less expensive than other interactive touchscreens or kiosk systems that function similarly. Everyone wins!  

Smart thermostat

Do you know what temperature the office thermostat is regularly set to? Believe it or not, that number could be subtly impacting customer perceptions. The American Marketing Association found that, when it comes to negotiations, uncomfortably high or low temperatures may induce negative emotions and decrease willingness to pay. So, while temperature may not be the first thing you think to tweak, a high-tech solution could ensure clients are comfortable while helping your business profit.  

A smart thermostat can learn your patterns, adjust based on occupancy, and make scheduled temperature changes a breeze. In general, it’s recommended that office temperatures fall between 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit, but specifics may depend on your building and climate. The right smart thermostat can help determine and maintain that perfect atmosphere.  

Whether you opt to tweak the lighting or the temperature, a few small investments in tech can have an outsized effect on customer experience. Experiment with one or more of these high-tech tools to seamlessly strengthen your brand, invite repeat business, and potentially grow revenue.